Wholesale Program

Welcome to Berkshire and Way's Wholesale Program. We now offer 50% off all regular priced stock screen print and/or sublimation transfers for a limited number of wholesale accounts each year.  An account will need to be created on the website, and there will be a yearly membership fee required in order to take advantage of the wholesale programs.  (The price will depend on which wholesale program purchased.) The wholesale membership will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

(Example: If you purchase your wholesale membership on Wednesday, 3 March 2021, then your account will be active until Thursday, 3 March 2022.)  

Once you have registered an account and your wholesale membership fee has been purchased, we will send you a personalized discount code assigned to your membership account for you to use during checkout to receive your 50% off wholesale pricing.  

The name and shipping/billing address used to purchase your wholesale membership will be the only name allowed to use the personalized discount code, and the shipping/billing address used will be the only address used when shipping your orders.  This will ensure us your personalized discount code is not being used by someone that has not paid for a wholesale membership.

If we find out you are sharing your personalized discount code with others, your account will be deactivated immediately and your wholesale membership fee will not be refunded.


~ purchase transfers from our company and resell them as your own.  

~ use our un-watermarked mock-ups to sell our transfers as your own.

~ use our watermarked mock-ups with our company logo to sell our transfers as your own.


~ purchase our transfers to make finished products to sell such as t-shirts, tank tops, bags, etc.

~ use our un-watermarked mock-ups for your website and/or shop AS LONG AS you watermark them with your own company logo.

~ use our transfers for commercial and/or personal use, unlimited quantities.   

If you should move and your shipping/billing address changes, please contact us at customerservice@berkshireandway.com and notify us of your new address.  We will make these changes in our system for future orders.        

No other sales and/or discount codes will be allowed during checkout when purchasing through the wholesale program.

Create Membership Account: https://berkshireandway.com/account/register

Purchase Wholesale Membership(s):

Both Screen Print and Sublimation Transfers - https://berkshireandway.com/collections/wholesale-membership/products/wholesale-membership-both-screen-print-and-sublimation-transfers

Screen Print Transfers Only - https://berkshireandway.com/collections/wholesale-membership/products/wholesale-membership-screen-print-transfers-only

Sublimation Transfers Only - https://berkshireandway.com/collections/wholesale-membership/products/wholesale-membership-sublimation-transfers-only

(Note: The wholesale program is new to our website and there may be some concerns and/or issues we did not foresee happening, but we will work through them as they come our way.  Please be patient!  We will always be fair and do what is best for the both of us, you and our company.) 

If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at customerservice@berskhireandway.com.

As always, thank you so much for supporting our small business!

Ashley, Owner

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