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Arkansas Santa HTV Transfer-African American

Arkansas Santa HTV Transfer-African American

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Listing: Arkansas Santa HTV Transfer-African American

Printed: Roland BN-20 on Siser ColorPrint Soft Opaque Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Design Color(s): Multi-Colored

Design Size(s):

3"W (0-3 Months)
4"W (3-6 Months)
5"W (6-9 Months)
5.5"W (9-12 Months)
6"W (12-18 Months)

6"W (Toddler)

7"W (Youth S)
8"W (Youth M)
9"W (Youth L)
10"W (Youth XL)

11"W (Adult)
12"W (Adult XL)

(Size is measured by the widest part of the design.  Please note that not all designs are going to be exact squares, some may be taller, some may be shorter.  However, all designs will be sized proportionally.)

This listing is for a PHYSICAL HTV TRANSFER. You WILL NOT receive a digital download. You will receive a ready to press HTV transfer.

These HTV transfers can be applied to 100% cotton, 100% un-coated polyester, polyester/cotton blends on light and dark colored garments.

HTV transfers must be applied with a heat press. They CANNOT be applied with an iron or any type of EasyPress because these devices do not allow even pressure needed to properly adhere the vinyl to the garment.

When applying a HTV transfer, set your heat press temperature to 310 degrees Fahrenheit, the timer to 15 seconds, and the pressure to medium.

Using a fresh adhesive, lint-roll the surface of your garment where you will be applying your design prior to prepressing to remove any lint.

Prepress your garment for 7-8 seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture.

Place the HTV transfer down onto the garment with the design facing up.  (The HTV transfer design should be facing up toward the upper portion of your heat press platform.

Place a sheet of parchment paper or waxed kraft paper (wax side down) over your design to protect the upper portion of your heat press platform from the HTV transfer film.

Press your garment at 310 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds with medium pressure.

Remove the garment from the heat press carefully and immediately lay flat. Allow it to cool for at least 3-5 minutes.  (These transfers are designed to be peeled cold, not hot.)

Once the garment is completely cooled, carefully peel away the transfer film in one smooth, continuous motion.  (Note: The transfer film is a high tack masking tape.  Place one hand on the garment while peeling the transfer film with the other hand.)

(Optional: After pressing your HTV transfer and peeling off the transfer film, we encourage you to reposition your garment on the heat press, lay a piece of parchment paper or waxed kraft paper (wax side down) over the design, and pressing your garment again for another 10-15 seconds with medium pressure.  This will ensure if there are any "cold spots" in your heat press, all areas of the design will get the proper amount of heat exposure and pressure allowing the vinyl to properly adhere to the garment and will prevent the vinyl from lifting, cracking and/or peeling.)

Finished garments will last up to 50 washes depending on how it’s laundered.

  • Wait 24 hours before first wash.
  • It is recommended to wash finished garments inside out in warm water with mild detergent.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Avoid fabric softener.
  • Tumble dry on low setting - For best results, hang to dry.
  • If ironing is necessary, you must place a piece of waxed kraft paper between the pressed image and the hot iron. Failure to do this will result in a melted transfer.

By purchasing this listing you agree to having some knowledge of the HTV process and how to use a transfer.  I have outlined instructions within this listing but assume you understand the application process. 

We DO NOT accept any returns or exchanges on HTV transfers.  You may email us at or send us a direct message with any questions you may have prior to purchasing any of the HTV transfers.

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