Sublimation Transfer Application Instructions

Sublimation transfers must be used on items intended for sublimation, such as specially coated mugs, ceramics or polyester fabric.  100% polyester fabric will give the best, brightest results.  The less polyester, 50% is minimum, the more vintage, faded appearance you will receive on your garment.  It will be more dull in color and less vibrant.

You must use white or light colored garments.  The design will not show up on dark colored garments.  Any white on the design will become the color of your garment, as sublimation does not print white ink.  Be sure to always use butcher paper, never use Teflon sheets.  Teflon sheets will hold sublimation ink and this can transfer from garment to garment.

Sublimation transfers must be applied with a heat press.  They can not be applied with an iron or any type of EasyPress device.

When applying a sublimation transfer, set your heat press temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the timer to 45-60 seconds, and the pressure to medium.

Using a fresh adhesive, lint-roll the surface of your garment where you will be applying your design prior top repressing to remove any lint.

Prepress your garment for 7-8 seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture.

Add butcher paper inside your garment to ensure the ink does not bleed through to the back of the garment.

(Optional but highly recommended: Before placing the sublimation transfer face down onto the garment, it is recommended to tear away the excess paper from the design.  The reason is because when printing the sublimation transfers, ink will sometimes get on the corners and/or edges of the transfer paper.  This will prevent any unseen ink from pressing onto your garment.  It will also help prevent any straight edge lines from the transfer paper showing on your garment after pressing.)      

Place the sublimation transfer face down onto the garment.  (The ink on the transfer should be facing down touching the garment, not the upper portion of your heat press platform. 

Place butcher paper on top of your design and garment.

Press your garment at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 45-60 seconds with medium pressure.

Remove paper immediately to prevent any ghosting of the ink.

(Optional: Using a thermal heat resistant tape is perfect for securing your transfer to your garment.  It safely and securely fastens your transfer to your garment in order to keep the sublimation transfer from moving during the pressing process, which could result in a "ghost" image. This type of tape is heat-resistant to high temperatures (up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit) and should not leave a sticky residue on your garment.)